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How To Enter The Water When Learning To Swim

    Today we have the first in a series of blog posts focusing on learning to swim for adults. We joined swim instructor Richard at a local swimming pool to start with the basics, how to enter the water when learning to swim. In this video we show you two great methods to use when entering the pool to build your confidence in the water. If you prefer to read the information in a written format then a full transcript of the video is below.   This may seem like a trivial task for many but knowing how to enter the water in a safe and controlled manner can be a godsend for those of you who are starting out on your swimming journey. Especially if you have a fear of the water. If there isn't a step you can use to enter the water, there are two other methods we would suggest.

The Sit & Swivel

The sit and swivel is safe and controlled way of entering the pool, sit on the poolside with legs in the water, place both hands on one side of your body, on the pool deck, holding your body weight with your arms, rotate and slowly lower your body into the water, using this method means that you're in contact with the pool at all times.

The Jump Entry

This one is for those of you who are confident. Place toes over the edge of the pool, pick a spot in the water, jump and enter water feet first, but make sure you do this in deeper water.