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How To Stop Your Swimming Goggles From Fogging Up

As we all know, it's very annoying when you're swimming and your goggles start to cloud over. To help you prevent this, here are a few of the top ways to banish the dreaded goggle fog.  




Firstly we have one of the most effective and cost-free options; saliva. All you need to do is rub some of your saliva across the inside of the lenses, this will add a layer of water to the goggles that will help to prevent condensation from forming. This is a simple but short-term solution.  


If you're happy to spend a little bit more on a pair of goggles, opt for a pair with an anti-fog coating. This special coating will help in keeping your goggles fog-free, but be sure to take good care of the goggles as the coating can be damaged or removed if the lenses are rubbed or scratched. Store these goggles in a pouch when not in use and carefully wash them after use in lukewarm chlorine-free water.  


Another method is anti-fog spray or an anti-fog stick. Simply apply one of these products to the lenses of your goggles and they will add an anti-fog coating to stop any clouding over. This is a relatively quick and cheap fix for anti-fogging.   Our final method may sound a little unconventional but it does seem to work! Just add a tiny drop of baby shampoo into each lens and rub around so that it's coated well. Wait 10-15 minutes then rinse, but do not rub the lens so that the baby shampoo remains as a light coating. Always remember to only use baby shampoo as other products may have harsh chemicals that could cause problems with your eyes.    



Do you have any other effective methods you've found useful to stop the goggle fog?