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Introducing our team trainer for The London Triathlon

Recently we introduced our team who are going to be taking part in this years London Triathlon with the help and support of Simply Swim, so now it's time to introduce the man who will be putting the ladies through their paces and getting them in tip top shape ready to tackle their challenge!

Your Name

Jéan LK

Where do you work?

Head trainer at Timed Fitness

What do you specialise in?

Weight loss, sports specific and strength & conditioning training.

What got you into fitness / PT training?

I started training myself but when I learnt how to train others and help make a major difference to their lives I was hooked.

What is your average day like?

I'm either running across london for sessions, at my computer working on our up coming wellness retreats or in the gym/ park working out myself. My days Start between 4am -7am depending on clients I have booked in and finishes around 10. I alway make sure I eat very well and meditate twice a day.

What are you most excited about training our athletes for the triathlon?

It has to be out door swimming and the brick training (bike to run transition)

Do you have any advice for our athletes?

Make the time you have count. August is not that far away.

What nutritional information would you give our athletes?

I always prefer the common sense approach. We all know exactly what we should and should not be eating. Convenience is not an excuse to eat food that will do us more harm than good. Eat a healthy balanced meal and don't discount entire food groups. Keep an eye on portion size, Keep away from processed and high sugar foods/ drinks. Prep your meals in advance to save time.

Last but not least, if you could recommend 4 exercises to transform your body what would they be? 

A combination of resistance training in or out of the gym. Interval - running, rowing cycling  and Swimming.