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Men's Guide To Putting On A Triathlon Wetsuit

  Today we have a short video from Zone 3 just to show you the best way to get on your wetsuit to ensure there's no damage, and also how to ensure you've got the best fit.   We'll talk you through the Zone3 Aspire wetsuit today. It's a mid-range wetsuit, so it's probably the most standard kind of wetsuit which you'll be familiar with. The front and the back. The zipper's on the back, Velcro at the top, downwards-moving zip.   The first thing to do, zip is always at the back, so have the zip facing towards you and fold the wet-suit so it's halfway down on itself. So you've got it almost at the bottom there at the zip. Simply throw your leg into it. Point your toes so kind of your foot glides straight through the wetsuit rather than get stuck in between. Onto the second leg. So, using that technique, it's almost instantly come into the right position, and that's exactly what you want. Then, as you are moving up the legs, just ensure you're using kind of the flats of your fingers rather than your fingernails which can cause damage. The nails can easily tear the kind of soft fabrics used in wetsuits these days.   Once you're into this position, just ensure that it's not actually tucked up in between your legs, no excess fabric, and you're looking onto the arms. Arms go straight from this position, arm in. Again, pull your hand through. Make sure it's nicely high on top of the shoulder. Followed by the next arm. Grab the top of the neck, be gentle, but just make sure it's nicely all the way up to the top of the body. Ensure the neck flap isn't tucked in, and then simply grab the zip flap and pull in the upwards direction. This then passes under the Velcro.   And that's really the best way to get your wetsuit on, minimising any damage and ensuring that it's always tucked in nicely, well-fitted in the right areas.   You can also check out our tips for women's wetsuits here. Are there any other triathlon tips you'd like us to tackle?