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New Fitness Craze : Hydrospin!

Hydrospin is an innovative new way to exercise, which offers participants some real physical benefits. Whilst it may seem an odd concept at first, the idea of riding stationary bikes in a swimming pool actually has many more health benefits than you might expect. For swimmers looking for a new way of training, this could be the answer and fitness fans are always looking for a new technique or training method. They get a buzz from doing something new and varying exercise can help boost all-round fitness. A Hydrospin session is certainly something very new, and the benefits it can bring to your physical condition are quite exciting.




Everyone knows what good exercise cycling is for cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. Hydrospin takes the basic concepts of a stationary bike spin class and puts them in a pool which gives a new dimension to the normal class we all know and love. Spin classes are a popular and effective way of training, but can put pressure on joints and muscles, especially if participants are carrying injuries. A Hydrospin class offers that same level of training intensity, only with the added support of water. The water provides cyclists with a degree of support for their limbs which is impossible to achieve on a normal stationary bike. Another great benefit of exercising in water is that you won't get sweaty! The water helps maintain a comfortable body temperature which will mean you feel a lot more comfortable even though you are working just as hard.


Many professional athletes already use water-based programmes for rehabilitation from injury, or to protect vulnerable parts of the body, but is also useful to train in water when carrying out recovery sessions after a match or race. While this type of training has usually focused on running or aerobics type activities, the bike now adds another potential dimension. The support that the water provides also allows for the use of techniques and training activities that would not be possible on a normal stationary bike. Participants can adopt physical positions that are not replicable out of the water and this allows them to work muscle groups which normally do not benefit from this kind of attention. This, in turn, provides a great boost to all-round fitness. During a Hydrospin class, upper body workouts can be incorporated to give an better overall workout for the entire body as well as increasing calories burnt and improving muscle condition. The additional support provided by the water in the pool also means that people whose weight may preclude them from other forms of exercise can participate comfortably as well.


For more experienced fitness enthusiasts, this means that there is another level of challenge to the activity. People often become bored and stale, as they get used to one kind of training. This can lead to problems with motivation and morale, and can see certain muscle groups atrophy, as they are not worked on enough. The hydro-ride system means that fitness fans can motivate themselves with a new challenge, giving additional life to their fitness programmes.


For newcomers, Hydrospin  is easy to start. There is no need to worry about having to buy a special bike, as these will be provided by the companies who organise the classes. Hydrorider Aquabike's are used which are made from AISI 316 Marine Stainless Steel so they don't rust which means that the bikes can be kept in the pool. Many Hydrospin classes are springing up at local swimming pools across the UK and elsewhere, if you want to take part, then look out for classes being advertised at local pools and sports centres. In regards to clothing, all you will need is a well fitting swimming costume or pair of trunks that are comfortable and suitable for prolonged water use and some people may opt for a leg suit or jammers, in addition to this is it recommended that a aqua shoe is worn to protect the feet, but these are often supplied by the facility running the class, but you may want to invest in your own pair if attending Hydrospin classes regularly.


Hydrospin is an accessible and fun way to train. It offers all the benefits of spin cycling classes, only with just a little bit extra. It is brilliant for people recovering from injury, looking for a new way to train, a new challenge, or if someone is new to the world of fitness it is a great way to start.


Thank you to Hydro Fitness Soloutions for the photograph, to find out more about Hydrospin please visit their website.