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New Year New Gear

New year, new you. New year, new gear. If getting into swimming is one of your New Year’s resolutions then having the right gear for your training routine can make all the difference to your performance.


Swimming equipment helps to improve your swim technique, stability and posture, as well as making swimming more enjoyable. So, here’s 8 types of swimming gear for you to include in your training, meaning you’ll be well on your way to smashing your New Year’s targets.




#1 Waterproof Music

One of the best parts of working out is the music. Music is a key facilitator for motivation and determination, while also acting as a background rhythm for you to follow during your workout.


Without wanting to point out the obvious, swimmers don’t usually have the luxury of training with a pumping beat in their ears. But the Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player is every swimmer’s dream. Train and listen to your favourite tunes for up to 7 hours, the device is compatible with iTunes®, and also has 4GB of storage.



#2 Swimming Watches

Keep tabs on your workouts and daily performance with a state of the art swimming watch. Watches monitor your progress for you, so you can concentrate on swimming and analysing your performance. Swimming watches are also great motivators since you can track your results and compare your monthly progress at the click of a button.


The Simply Swim range includes watches with various specifications, so you can find the best watch for you. The Swimvate Poolmate monitors your fitness in and out of the water, meaning all of exercise will be tracked in one place.



#3 Kickboards

Kickboards let you concentrate on your kicking technique since they provide buoyancy, and allow your head to remain out of the water at all times. Kickboards are a great aid if you are training with a swimming instructor, as you can easily communicate with your instructor throughout your session.


Kickboards are ergonomically designed to align your posture, ensuring you will be accurately learning new techniques. Plus, they will give your legs a killer strengthening workout as you propel through the water. The Finis Alignment Kickboard is specifically designed to meet these specifications so you can build core and lower-body strength throughout your training.



#4 Hand Paddles

If you are looking to build strength and power in the water, then you need to add hand paddles to your swim gear immediately! This versatile piece of equipment will teach you speed and efficiency since you will swim much, much faster. If you have a heavy session ahead of you, they can also keep your mind fresh and motivated.


Hand paddles are also great for finessing your technique as they accentuate all aspects of the pulling motion. Since your catch and pulling motion will be stronger, you’ll have better focus on your stroke. Try out the Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Hand Paddles to help build up your upper body strength as they increase resistance in the water.



#5 Training Fins

Swimming with training fins is fast, really fast. You will fly through the water at lightning speed regardless of what type of kick is scheduled into your practice. You get to swim at a pace that is not usually possible, and your legs will also get a killer workout since fins are primarily used for resistance training. Combine speed with resistance and you’ve got yourself a high-intensive workout, that is also a lot of fun!


The Speedo Biofuse Fin is specifically designed to increase speed, leg strength and flexibility, racing technique, and even body position. Try them out to see for yourself.




#6 Pull Buoys

Good body position makes for great swimming. Swimmers at the top of their game glide across the surface of the pool with a slim profile. However, this profile requires a swimmer’s legs and hips to remain high which can be a difficult posture to hold throughout training.


Pull buoys help us to learn what this optimum position feels like for quicker and more efficient swimming. This swimming aid targets your upper body, meaning your hips are forced up high, allowing you to focus on nailing a better technique. The BECO Senior Pull Buoy is a great choice if you would like to add this training aid into your swim routine.



#7 Triathlon Bags

Triathlon bags make life and organisation during your triathlon competition much easier! They are specifically designed with compartments suited to each stage of the race, so you can have all your running, swimming and cycling gear separately stored. The best bags have a wet compartment to separate your wetsuit from your other items, so your valuables won’t get water logged.


Lastly, look out for padded straps and adjustment settings. Competing in a triathlon is a huge challenge so you don’t want to feel fatigued from an uncomfortable bag before you’ve even begun the race. The Blueseventy Streamline Bag is a classic backpack that is best suited for the job!




#8 Goggles

Goggles are a staple part of swim gear. They are essential to protect your eyes from the water, while they also help to reduce friction and water drag, aiding your overall performance!


If you are training for a race, having the right pair of goggles is essential for your vision and clarity. Specific race goggles can improve your distance and depth perception so you will have a better judgment of your position in the water.


The mirrored lenses of the Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Goggle have anti-fog qualities, and even UV protection, so you’ll be at the top of your game in any race.



The right swimming gear can make all the difference to your swimming performance. Whether you’re looking for equipment to help you learn, or you’re looking to excel in this year’s competitions, there is a swimming aid for you! Check out Simply Swim’s full range of swimming equipment so you can continue to enhance your swimming abilities into the year and beyond.



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