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Nottinghamshire pool complex pays homage to Rebecca Adlington

In honour of Rebecca Adlington and her double gold medals in both the freestyle 400m and 800m races in the last 2008 Olympics on Beijing, the newly remodelled pool in Nottinghamshire now bears her name. Unveiled on 2nd of January, The Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre was in fact the very pool in which the Olympian learned her first few strokes. Having grown up in the area, a young swimsuit clad Adlington was often spotted cutting through the lanes at a startling speed. It was later at the ripe old age of six that she was then scouted by the Nova Mansfield Development Squad, and from there the rest is history. Yet her beginnings are traced back to this very spot in Nottinghamshire where the future Olympians of tomorrow look ahead starry eyed with dreams. The Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre boasts much more than merely a new name, and in fact it has been subject to impressive renovations reaching into the EUR 5 million range. There is now a brand new greener heating pump that is not only more energy efficient but worlds better for the environment than the outdated coal model. In fact the aquatic complex is the very first in the region to include such eco-friendly measures, leading the way to cutting carbon emissions in the realm of over 520 tonnes annually. With heightened awareness regarding global warming and the detrimental effects of greenhouse gasses, this sets the precedent for other businesses not only in the immediate area but across the globe. Yet that that is not all that has been updated as the entire pool and gym up are now vastly superior as well. "The pool has been extended, the gym facilities are second to none, there is a state of the art endless training pool and the décor is absolutely stunning," notes Eddie Smith the district councillor of Mansfield. So while the locale may be the same as when the young Adlington bore her swimwear and took to the water, the swimmers of today may not recognize it were it not for the name it bears.