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Perfect Backstroke Turn Swimming Advice

Today we're going to be looking at the perfect backstroke tumble turn. When going to turn, you continue to swim at the wall at a pace. When approximately one meter from the wall, turn onto the front by reaching around with your leading arm and looking around with the head so the body will naturally follow. Keep the leading arm extended ahead and the other arm by your side. Then pull the leading arm into the body tucking the chin to the chest, and rotate the body over. Place both feet on the wall, toes facing upwards towards the surface and about shoulder width apart. The knees will be bent, so when in a sturdy position, push off the wall in streamline. A few butterfly leg kicks will give you a bit of power. When ready to head to the surface, begin a normal backstroke kick. Pull with one arm to break the surface and begin swimming another length of backstroke. A great tip for those who are concerned about hitting their head against the wall, try counting the number of arm pulls you make from the five meter flags to the wall and finishing. Reduce the stroke count by one, then turn. This way you will never have to worry about colliding with the wall again.