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Performance Swimming Goggles

Video Transcript…. Performance swimming goggles are designed specifically to enhance your swimming experience, whether you swim for leisure or at a professional level. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, each offering slightly different or advanced features. However, they are all mainly designed to do the same thing. Fitting Your Goggles Position the swimming goggles on your face and stretch the head strap over the back of your head to rest at a 45 degree angle on the crown of your head and continue to adjust until you have the best fit for you. Main Features Each lens will feature a specifically designed shape to ensure the goggle is streamline in the water to reduce drag and give you as wide peripheral vision as possible. The lens will also incorporate a clear style to ensure you have crystal clear vision whilst under the water, as well as most lenses featuring UV protection against the sun's harmful rays. The frame surrounding the lens will usually incorporate some form of flexible rubber material to ensure the goggle comfortable hugs to the face and stops any water leaking inside. The nose bridge is generally formed anatomically to hug around the top of the nose, giving you optimised fit and comfort. Some even feature interchangeable nose bridges for the perfect fit. The head strap will be made from an elasticated material with adjusters to ensure that it can stretch over the top of your head and can be altered to gain the best fit. So to summarise:
  1. Performance swimming goggles are designed for both leisure and professional swimming
  2. Lenses are shaped to reduce drag and give you peripheral vision.
  3. Swimming goggles are designed for shallow depths. Going below 3 metres in the water will cause great discomfort and possibly damage your eyes.
  So that's performance swimming goggles! Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out our other advice videos and online swim store at