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Putting the Fun into Swimwear with Funkita

Here at Simply Swim HQ, we always get excited when a new collection arrives. It is especially exciting with the arrival of the latest Funkita drop, with their range of upbeat swimwear in a sparkling array of patterns and unique cuts. Our dedicated Funkita customers feel the same way and eagerly await the latest collection by making sure they are first in line for the limited edition range.

Here’s some history of this vibrant company:

‘Designed by athletes, for athletes, Funkita launched in 2004 with the aim to deck swimmers out in an awesome range of comfortable and colourful chlorine resistant swimwear that stays on and keeps everything in the right places. On the bums of swimmers, triathletes, divers and surf lifesavers, Funkita took off as the brand to dive in, streamline, catch waves, somersault, chase seagulls and of course just get wet in! Made from C-Infinity, a premium Italian polyester fabric exclusive to Funkita, our colours won't fade and our swimwear won't lose its shape even after hours in chlorinated water or under the sun.’

Here’s a snapshot of our latest collection but be quick, they won’t be around for long!


Simply Swim Funkita swimwear



Simply Swim Funky Trunks swimwear


Simply Swim Funkita Girls Swimwear


Simply Swim Funky Trunks boys swimwear


And here’s the philosophy behind the brand:

‘Whether you're a world champion athlete or an everyday athlete with global dreams, Funkita is committed to providing athletes with products that will survive the hardest session. We understand for every moment of exhilaration, there are thousands of laps, turns, starts, jumps and steps to get there. In every product we make a commitment to maximise the quality of our inputs while maintaining the most affordable price. We're not the cheapest product on the market because we pay for the highest quality inputs and maintain strict manufacturing standards, but we're not the most expensive either because we don't invest in extravagant marketing campaigns that in the end, are paid for by the customer.

So we're excited you've discovered Funkita and we hope you decide to make us a part of your journey.’