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Simply Swim Interviews Claire Cashmore: How were the Beijing and London Paralympics?

Yeah. Beijing was a little bit of a disappointment. I didn't achieve what I set out to achieve. I actually went in rank number one in the world, and then came out with a bronze medal. Which, people are like, "Oh, don't be so tough on yourself." But actually, when you go there, and you pretty much think that your name's written on that gold medal, and then I freaked out on the day and didn't perform to how I was meant to perform. And so it was a big disappointment. But London, incredible. The best two weeks of my life. And I really find it hard to put it into words. Like, people keep saying, "How was London? It looked so amazing from the TV." I just really find it hard to describe what it was like. Standing in front of seventeen and a half thousand people, seeing the red, white and blue Union Jack, and, they're all cheering for you. They don't care if you win, if you come second, if you come third, or if you come last. They're just so happy to be there, and to support a British athlete. And it really was an incredible experience.

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