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Simply Swim Interviews Sean Conway - How Was Swimming Britain?

Sean Conway - It was a bit of a whirlwind adventure, I remember sitting here at Simply Swim before I set off thinking - ah it will be a summer adventure! Two, two and half months and I'll finish. But four and half months later I was still actually swimming in Scotland in November, which I definitely did not think about. It was hard, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do - trying to deal with the cold, trying to deal with long term fatigue, tides, big waves, drinking salt water and getting stung by jellyfish in the face, haha. I had to grow a ridiculous beard which actually helped shield my face from the jellyfish! But it was one incredible adventure and it was amazing to explore the British coastline, not many people get to see the coastline from the sea itself and all the spectacular views. And the people! It was incredible, I never got to know or meet before the swim, any people who were associated with the sea - all the fisherman, the harbour masters, the coastguard, RNLI, all these people that live on the seas.. It was incredible experience, so yeah, I'll never forget it.