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Simply Swim Interviews Sean Conway - What is a day like in the life of an Adventurer?

Video Transcription : A typical day in the life for me now? Well, yeah it's quite busy, I get up a sort of normal time about 8 in the morning probably, probably a bit later than when I would normally get up but I'm still trying to recover from the swim. I then spend most of the morning doing emails, I get a lot of email requests from people who want advice for their own adventures and things like that, and I generally want to reply to everyone so it's great when they email me. So I spend the morning doing emails and writing some blogs and things like that. I then try and spend my lunchtime maybe going for a walk or just stepping away out of the office, as the whole idea of being an adventurer is that you don't want to be confined to your desk, certainly for me that's quite difficult. I then often will go for a bike ride or go to the gym and try and still keep quite active because a healthy body equals a healthy mind. And then in the afternoon I try and work on future projects, I've got a few projects in the pipeline, I try and meet people as much as I can, the adventure world, if you don't put yourself out there, generally it's a bit insular and you spend a lot of time at your computer alone, or cycling alone or swimming alone, so it's nice to go out and meet people and help them and I go and maybe do a talk once a week at a school and that sort of thing. And then I still really enjoy the visual side of sharing my adventures so in the evenings I'll often do some video editing or do some blogs with photos and get my website all nice, I really enjoy keeping my website current and up to date with loads of content so people can browse through there and y'know get something from it and share the story that way. In the evening I try and cook a nice big meal, I'm a big fan of stews, I do a lot of stews and have a nice meal and get in the kitchen and get a bit dirty and fuel myself. I do love food, it's the one thing I miss the most during a serious adventure, you have to eat for the sake of eating so it's nice when I'm off adventure to actually do some real cooking and enjoy the food rather than just force feeding myself carbohydrates. Then I try and read a book in the evening just before bed and then go to bed and repeat the same thing the next day, that's sort of day to day but then I do on a weekly or monthly basis try and do little micro adventures here and there, it's important for me to still go out and plan little adventures. I've just walked to London from Cheltenham which was 115 miles from Christmas to New Year, which was an amazing micro adventure. I'm going to try and cycle to Paris in 24 hours next month again a little micro adventure, it's always good to keep doing these things, for me personally it just gives me a reason to go out there and get up in the morning.