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Simply Swim's Top Triathlon Wetsuits for 2020

With such a huge offering of triathlon wetsuits on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? Here at Simply Swim we wanted to help by giving you our opinion of the best buys in the entry-level and intermediate categories of triathlon for 2020. You can shop all of these from us online or in store at our retail shop here in Faversham, Kent.

Beginner/Entry Level Wetsuit

Suitable for:  If you are just starting out in triathlon or do it for fun rather than to win, then you will want an entry-level wetsuit that offers warmth, buoyancy, comfort and is good value for money.

The Blueseventy Sprint Wetsuit is a great choice for beginners and the price tag is very reasonable too. The neoprene thickness ratio is 3-4-4, giving you good buoyancy in the water to improve your swimming position. Buoyancy is key for the less able swimmer; if you wear a wetsuit with no buoyancy the lower half of your body will sink causing you to get nowhere fast! In addition to good buoyancy, the Blueseventy Sprint features oversized arm gussets to give you more room in the chest and armpits, for a less constrictive fit. Another nice feature is the stretchy material at the back of the ankle/calf making it easier to take the wetsuit off after your open water swim.

Alternatively, the Orca Equip Wetsuit is an entry-level triathlon wetsuit better suited to a more natural swimmer, who doesn’t need as much buoyancy and would prefer more flexibility in the upper body so that they can swim at pace. The Equip features 1.5mm neoprene in the arms, an Infinity Skin Lining that gives the feeling of absolute freedom and SCS coating that reduces friction and increases speed through the water. The flexibility offered by the Equip even surpasses some mid-range/intermediate wetsuits, so if you are a good swimmer you can grab yourself a bargain buying this wetsuit. However, if your legs sink in the water don’t be tempted - go for the Blueseventy Sprint – you’ll be thankful you did when you get tired halfway through the swim phase!

Just in case you are an open water swimmer who is looking for a wetsuit to keep you warm without any of the technology/buoyancy, we also stock the Orca Core Openwater Wetsuits. This open water wetsuit uses 2-2.5mm Yamamoto neoprene, which is thin enough to give you freedom of movement whilst keeping you warm in cold water. The high vis colour helps to keep you safe by keeping you visible to other water users.

Intermediate/Mid-Range Wetsuit

Suitable for: Triathletes who want to move on from having fun to improving their time and who can afford to pay more to have extra comfort and flexibility in their wetsuit.

The benefits and improvements you get when buying a mid-range wetsuit are more flexibility and freedom of movement in the wetsuit and less tightness and pressure at key points. You should be able to swim more freely. The buoyancy should be better throughout the fully body of the wetsuit. There will probably be some additional features like a more comfortable inner lining and stretchy fabric at the ankles and wrists to aid a faster transition when you come out of the water.

The Zone 3 Aspire Wetsuit is considered to be an extremely comfortable wetsuit receiving comments like “feels like a second skin in the water” and features a one-piece 1.5mm shoulder and chest panel that gives lots of flexibility in the upper body. It has won many of 220 Triathlon’s awards including a 10/10 rating. Using Yamamoto 39 cell SCS (Super Composite Skin) neoprene, the Aspire gives exceptional comfort and creates almost zero drag through the water. The maximum 5mm neoprene panels on the stomach, bottom and legs (the women’s suit has 4mm) gives excellent buoyancy for swimmers who need that extra lift in the water.  Additional features include a superior lining for comfort, a laser cut collar for a more comfortable soft seal around the neck and pro speed cuffs on the arms and legs for an easier transition out of the suit.

Orca’s Sonar Wetsuit
is a versatile wetsuit that will suit a lot of triathletes. It is designed for someone who wants maximum freedom of movement in the upper body and who is a decent swimmer but needs some extra buoyancy to help achieve a more horizontal position in the water. Orca describe this wetsuit as being ideal for a total swimmer (for the definition of this see this link). It offers a good balance of flexibility and buoyancy to make you more hydrodynamic, improving your time for the swim phase of your triathlon. The Sonar is designed using Yamamoto 39 cell SCS neoprene to give an uninhibited natural swimming motion, reduces friction and increases speed in the water.  The all-new SuperStretch lining featured on the chest of the Sonar is a lightweight lining that is super stretchy for unrestricted breathing – a common complaint from triathletes. A laser cut collar and inverse Velcro prevents chafing at the neck.

We hope this guide has helped you in your search to find the perfect triathlon wetsuit for you, and don’t forget you can shop our full range of 2020 triathlon wetsuits here on our website. Once you have made your decision, why not also shop our ranges of triathlon clothingtriathlon accessories and triathlon goggles to ensure you are fully kitted out for race day.