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Singapore Skyscraper Rooftop Pool

When there's no room to build a pool outside a hotel, we know that they tend to build them on the rooftop... But this masterpiece in Singapore is definitely one worth shouting about. Marina Bay Sands Building At Singapore The Marina Bay Sands Skypark Hotel has created this magnificent infinity swimming pool. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, this high-rise hotel has a 380 metre long roof top deck which spans across the length of the hotels three skyscraper structures and the platform sits 200 metres above ground level and is the equivalent to the Eiffel Tower Horizontally in size. The complex cost around $80 million and needed around 7,000 tonnes of steel to compete the construction. The entire length of the Skypark takes roughly 20 minutes to walk around, providing visitors don't want to stop and enjoy the view along the way. SINGAPORE - CIRCA MAY 2014: Marina Bay Sands Hotel stunning Sand Along the rooftop deck you will find the 150 metre long infinity swimming pool, a bar and restaurant, the spa and a botanical garden home to 650 plants and 250 species of trees. There's also an observation deck which offers panoramic views of the waterfront. The observation deck alone has a capacity to hold 900 people at any one time, with the entire Skypark capable of holding up to 3,900 people. As you can imagine, it's quite a prices stay, but if you just wanted to visit and make the most of that observation deck you can gain access for $20.