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Swim Nappies For Your Babies First Swim

Taking your baby swimming is a fantastic idea. They will have great fun playing in the water and it will help to build up their confidence for when they are old enough to learn to swim. Ordinary nappies are not suitable for use in the water as they will become waterlogged and weigh down your baby so, in order to avoid any unfortunate accidents, you will need to use a swim nappy. It is possible to buy disposable swim nappies but it is probably better to use a full swim nappy system. This is composed of three separate parts and will ensure that your baby feels comfortable, while you have complete peace of mind that your child feels happy and secure and accident free whilst in the water. A swim nappy system will also be more economical in the long term if you intend to go swimming on a regular basis, as parts of the system are fully reusable.  

Nappy Liner

The liner is the inner part of the nappy system. It is the only part which will be against the skin so should be very soft. Nappy liners are normally biodegradable which means that you are able to flush the liner down the toilet which makes disposal much simpler and is also much better for the environment.

Nappy Wrap

This is the second part of the swim nappy system and the liner sits inside it. A nappy wrap looks very similar to an ordinary disposable nappy but there are several differences. You can use the nappy wrap again and again. The nappy liner collects the waste and once this has been removed you simply wash the nappy wrap either by hand or on a low temperature wash in the washing machine. Then as soon as it is dry the nappy wrap is ready to use again. Nappy wraps are designed to provide a secure fit every time they are worn meaning that your baby will feel comfortable and you won't have to worry about leaks or accidents in the water.  

Nappy Cover

This is the outer part of the swim nappy system and is the only part that is visible. Nappy covers are available in different colours and patterns to suit both boys and girls. Splash About have a particularly cute range available with pink frilly covers for girls and nappy covers in blue with patterns of boats or stars for boys. There is even a camouflage nappy cover in khaki for a real action baby! Nappy covers are elasticated at the waist and around each leg to help prevent leaks, this means that it is possible to wear them on their own but for full security and peace of mind it is better to use the full swim nappy system.