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Swim The Distance

Sometimes we all lack motivation. Keeping active and staying on top of our exercise and training commitments can be hard, especially with all of life's distractions and demands on our time. Swimming is no exception.


After all, it's easier to say "I'll do it tomorrow" than to get up, get organised, get to the pool and knock out sets.


Unfortunately, this kind of attitude can become the norm, and could end up holding you back from reaching your goals


We were no stranger to this sort of thinking, but realised that there is one powerful remedy to a lack of motivation - a challenge!






The Power of the Challenge


Challenges are a simple yet effective motivational tool. Setting a target and striving to achieve it immediately gives your motivation a boost and gets your attitude aligned with your goal. With a target in sight, the "I'll do it tomorrow" becomes "I've got to do it today!" That is the basis on which Swim The Distance came into being.




Can you Swim The Distance?


Everyone has different goals and abilities, so we set out to provide monthly challenges that would keep swimmers of all levels motivated, all year round.


To enable everyone to take part - no matter if they swim in a pool, swim in a lake or swim in the sea - we identified the need for a 'Virtual' challenge - a challenge that can be completed anywhere, at a time of the participants choosing. 


We realised that completing a challenge is great, but getting rewarded for it is even better! That is why we produce bespoke medals each month to help motivate participants to push towards their goals.



How it works is simple:


Choose Your Target

You choose a distance to swim over the course of the month that you feel will be a challenge


Swim It!

Swim the distance in your own time, at a place of your choosing, over the course of the month. You might decide to swim your distance in one session, or perhaps you want to push for a bigger distance over multiple sessions - it's totally up to you.


Get Your Reward

At the end of the month, if you have completed your challenge, you will receive a totally unique medal in the post that is engraved with your distance to remember your achievement, and show off to your friends.




Join The Motivated!


The feedback we have received from those taking part to date has been phenomenal. From those who have recently learned to swim to pro swimmers training for gala events - all have saw the benefit of taking on one of the Swim The Distance challenges.


We have entrants from all over the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany out there right now, swimming towards their targets, pushing for their medals. What are you waiting for? Join them now at and give your motivation a boost!




Blog post provided by Swim the Distance.