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Swimming Goggle Guide: Choosing The Right Lenses

Choosing the Right Lens for Crystal Clear Adventures

So you're ready to dive into the pool or hit the open water – fantastic! But before you take the plunge, there's one crucial piece of kit that deserves your attention: your swimming goggles. And within those goggles, the lens reigns supreme. The right lens can transform your swim from a blurry mess to a clear and enjoyable experience. Whether you're a poolside pro or a sea/river adventurer, this guide will help you navigate the world of swimming goggle lenses and find the perfect match for your swimming adventures.

Lighting Up Your Underwater World

Here's a breakdown for the most suitable lenses for your swim



Mirrored Lenses – Perfect for sunny pool sessions or bright open water swims. These lenses offer maximum sun protection and reduce glare, keeping your eyes comfortable even on the brightest days.




    • Tinted Lenses – Versatile all-rounders, these lenses work well in most indoor pool lighting and variable outdoor conditions. They provide a good balance of light reduction and clarity.




    • Clear Lenses – Designed for low-light scenarios like early morning or evening swims, or murky pool water. These lenses allow the most light to reach your eyes, ensuring clear vision even in less-than-ideal conditions.

    simply swim clear lenses goggles



    Picking Your Perfect Lens Colour

    Lens colour also plays a significant role. Here's a quick guide to popular colours and their benefits for UK swimmers:

    • Clear: The ultimate low-light champions, clear lenses offer maximum light transmission for murky pools or pre-dawn/dusk swims.
    • Smoke/Grey: Great all-rounders, offering good sun protection and visibility in a range of pool and open water lighting conditions.
    • Blue: A versatile choice, blue lenses provide a good balance of light reduction and colour perception, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools with moderate brightness.
    • Yellow/Amber: These excel in low-light conditions by enhancing contrast and improving depth perception, ideal for early morning or evening pool swims.
    • Mirrored Lenses: The ultimate glare-busters, these lenses have a reflective coating that provides superior sun protection and a sleek look.

      simply swim coloured lens goggles


      Goggle Tech for the Win: Advanced Lens Features

      Modern swimming goggle lenses boast a range of technologies to elevate your aquatic experience:

      • Anti-Fog Coating: A must-have! This coating prevents moisture build-up and keeps your vision clear, no matter how hard you push yourself.
      • UV Protection: Look for lenses that block harmful UVA and UVB rays, protecting your eyes from sun damage during outdoor swims.
      • Polarised Lenses: These lenses go the extra mile in reducing glare and providing superior clarity, especially in bright, open water conditions.

        Prescription Lenses: Interchangeable Lenses

        Longing to ditch the contacts or glasses during your swim but worried about blurry vision? Prescription swimming goggles are your answer! Simply Swim’s prescription lenses come in half-step increments from 1.5 to 6.0. Once you get the goggle and lenses, just pop out the normal lenses and swap them for the optical lenses.


        simply swim prescription lenses



        Choosing the Right Lens for Your Swim:

        Now that you're armed with knowledge, let's explore some specific swimming scenarios:

        • Indoor Pool (Bright Lighting): Opt for smoke, grey lenses with anti-fog coating.
        • Indoor Pool (Low Lighting): Choose a clear lens for maximum visibility.
        • Outdoor Pool (Sunny): Select a mirrored, smoke lens with UV protection.
        • Open Water (Bright Conditions): A mirrored, grey lens with polarised technology is ideal.
        • Open Water (Overcast/Early Morning/Evening): Yellow, amber lens will enhance contrast and improve clarity.
        • And don't forget the kids! We have an impressive selection of goggles for juniors to protect their growing eyes.

        Remember:  These are just general recommendations. Always consider factors like personal preference, pool lighting variations, and weather forecasts when choosing your lens. Don't hesitate to ask for advice at Simply Swim – we can help you find the perfect lens for your specific needs.

        Bonus Tip:  Look after your goggles! Rinse them with fresh water after use, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and avoid scratching the lenses, Simply Swim offers an array of goggle and mask cases to protect your purchase. With proper care, your goggles will be your trusty companions for countless swims to come!