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Swimming tempo training

If you are a competitive swimming then you probably already have a good swimming technique and have good levels of fitness. So what can you do to take you swimming training to the next level? Tempo training is designed to help you to develop your swimming and you can do this as a part of your regular training routines. The first step is to work on the efficiency of your stroke, something you may even do already. This means maximising the distance with each arm pull and maintain that distance per stroke. It may take time to find a stroke rate that suits you and that you can maintain even when you’re tired. There are some really useful training aids that you can get to help with tempo training. For example, the Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor is a swimming watch which can measure so many different things whilst you swim including stroke count and distance per stroke. You can analyse and review each session performance by uploading onto the Finis Swimsense Training Log. The Poolmate Pro is another fantastic training aid which would boost your tempo training. This swimming watch isn’t quite as detailed at the Finis swim watch but can automatically count your laps and strokes, speed, distance, calories and efficiency as well as download onto your computer. If you don’t want to invest in a piece of equipment then you can always try to watch a pace clock or counting in your head whilst swimming. But for me, I find I can’t focus on all these things whilst trying to count in my head and watch a clock and try to maintain a great technique!