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Team T Shirt Slogans

When heading to a swimming competition you know for a fact that there will be swimmers with some brilliant slogans on their t shirts. At one swimming competition there will be hundreds of different mottos to motivate and boost moral on poolside. Here are a great collection for those wanting inspiration for theirs:
  • Instant swimmer just add water
  • The clock’s job is to tick, your job is to beat it
  • I swim therefore IM
  • We know we’re fast, pretty soon you’ll know it too
  • H20 – 1 part heart, 2 parts obsession
  • Pain is temporary, pride is forever
  • Life is simple : eat, sleep, swim
  • Don’t race against others, race against yourself
  • Chlorine – the breakfast of champions
  • Swimming is a sport, everything else is just a game
  • To swim or not to swim? There is no question
  • Life in the fast lane
  • The earth is 75% water. Can you swim?
  • Sometimes it’s not how good you are but how bad you want it
  • I do more before 8am than you do all day
  • There is no glory in practice but without practice there can be no glory
  • If you have a lane you have a chance
  • TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More
  • I can't control what everyone else swims but if all goes well I know there are no limits
  • A team above all, above all a team
  • Want to come in second? Follow me!
  • Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing
  • If you can’t swim with the sharks, get out of the water!
  • No pain no gain
  • No water too cold for a team so hot
  • My weapon is my body. My element is water. My world is swimming.
  • Chlorine is my purfume
  • Champions train, endure pain, and never complain
Got some more you can contribute to our top t shirt slogans? What’s your favourite swimming motivational motto?