The benefits of swimming legsuits

It seems so obvious when you think about it, but women’s swimming costumes with combined shorts/legs have been a long time becoming mainstream. No doubt you’ll have seen these swimsuits with legs being worn by triathletes. Many male swimmers also sport tight-fitting swimming shorts but it’s not until recently that legsuit costumes for women have been more frequently seen in the pool.


The strange thing is that many women love the concept but still haven’t braved the look. Maybe it’s a traditional thing. Swimming costumes for women have traditionally been styled with higher legs. But many women really do not like that area of their body at the top of their thighs!


The average swimming costume does little to hide this area and lays bare the upper thigh to the general public.


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Rising popularity of swimming legsuits

Ah, but at long last, the swimming legsuit is becoming more popular. Swimming costume legsuits are great for all kinds of swimming sessions and for pool-based activities such as aqua aerobics. There are shorter and longer-legged versions and the designs are as different and as funky as any other swimming costume or bikini. Many swimming legsuits are designed to make you more streamlined in the pool, as well as for comfort and boosted self-confidence.



How to get more women back in the swimming pool

We’ve been been thinking that this kind of swimming costume would be the perfect way to encourage more girls and women back into the swimming pool. You do see more women employing their own upper leg hiding techniques, such as wearing shorts over their swimming costumes or keeping the towel wrapped around them until they dive into the pool. But with a swimming costume legsuit you can walk the poolside or beach with confidence and swim like a fish.


Oh, and without wanting to get too personal, there is another advantage of the legsuit swimming costume. If you’re in a hurry or you simply can’t be bothered, these suits are perfect for those times when you might not have shaved your bikini line! We’re just saying!




So if you’re keen on swimming, or thinking about getting back into the pool, and you want a swimming costume that is practical and comfortable and also looks flattering we recommend a swimming costume legsuit. They're genius!



  • “the designs are as different and as funky as any other swimming costume or bikini” — ummmm, well, that’s a bit optimistic! The vast majority are still mostly black or navy. And as someone who refuses to wear pink (even in piping), it really doesn’t leave much choice. I quite like some of the Arena ones – but they seem to have weird topstitching that makes it look like it’s still an old fashioned high cut. I appreciate you can only sell what’s available but this 30 year old person would like to wear colours that cover – ideally with iridescent fish/mermaid scale print?

  • Just Keep Swimming – It depends on which legsuit you go for. If you are looking for a legsuit which will improve you speed then check out the competition swimwear section. If you are just wanting a legsuit for swimming training, aqua aerobics or for leisure swimming then follow this link here and it will take you to our legsuits department so long as your suit fits well and isn’t too loose then it should not affect your speed at all.

  • I’ve literally just brought 2 new swim suits from you and very nearly went for a legsuit…but alas, on this occasion I chickened out. I’ve started to see a few people wear them at my pool though, so maybe I’ll treat myself – since making mid-week swims as prep-free as possible sounds good to me!
    The one random question I do have is whether they have any impact on speed?

    Just Keep Swimming
  • Just got delivery of my first legsuit, am loving it soo comfy, and it hides a multitude. I want to start aqua aerobics and would not do it in my regular suit because of my legs, not as slim and toned as they used to be,,,,,legsuit lifesaver…..

  • I love my legsuit! I’m a biggish lady in my mid 60s, swim 3 times a week and feel nicely ‘held together’ (!) by my Zoggs suit. Occasionally I swim with my standard costumes, but invariably go back to the legged suit the next time!


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