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The Best Waterproof Accessories To Take Your Swim To The Next Level

Whether you’re a competitive triathlete or a casual swimmer, we’re always looking for new ways to enhance our performance. Waterproof accessories are the next big splash. We’ve rounded up the best waterproof equipment to make your swim even better.


We aren’t just talking about your swimming costume; waterproof swim items have now expanded to include a whole range of swim essentials. From logging your training on a waterproof watch to listening to a motivational playsuit with waterproof headphones, there are plenty of items to choose from to improve your time in the water. We’ve selected some of our favourite accessories to get you started.



Waterproof music

Swim to the beat of your favourite song. At Simply Swim, you can find everything you need to get into the perfect rhythm with waterproof headphones and MP3 players.

Listening to music when you train doesn’t just create a peaceful ambience, it can have impressive results on your output too. Studies have found that by listening to music, users found it easier to be more effective and work harder as their mind concentrates on the beat of the song, which distracts them from the exercise.

As swimming is an endurance sport that is consumed with repetitive movements, having your favourite music whilst you swim can give you that extra boost to go the extra mile without feeling like you’re doing too much. Curating a playlist of your best songs will improve your mood and give you the drive you need to complete your swim.


Try the H2O audio

These waterproof headphones are functional and efficient. Designed with 100% waterproof material and a comfortable behind-the-neck design without compromising on excellent sound quality.

There’s no need to worry about uncomfortable headphones or the nuisance of them falling out, the H2O audio headphones come with 5 different sets of earplugs, so that you can find the ideal fit.



Waterproof bags

Add convenience and efficiency to your training routine with a waterproof bag. These are a reliable accessory made from completely durable material and are 100% waterproof to protect all your personal belongings.

Whether you’re an advanced swimmer or swimming with your family, a waterproof bag is vital. If you’re an avid open water swimmer, having a waterproof bag makes it easier and safer to bring your phone with you. When it comes to extreme swimming, you’ll no doubt be in the water for hours on end and you’re going to need some food to refuel your energy levels. A waterproof bag is perfect to keep your food and drink dry and protected.

For those going on an adventurous family holiday, a waterproof bag will give you peace of mind, no matter where your exploratory day might take you. You can carry spare clothes, towels and even a snack for later, and feel safe that it will be in perfect condition even after a long day.


Try the Huub Tow Float

An easily inflatable bag that can be attached to you using an adjustable waistband and leash. Cleverly crafted in PVC to be long-lasting and durable and are totally waterproof, so you can keep your belongings safe and dry when you swim.



Waterproof fitness trackers

The trend of tracking your sports performance has really taken off over the past few years, with the sales of such smart devices reaching almost 4 million last year. The crafty devices log your performance data, tracking everything from your heart rate, blood pressure and even body movements.

It’s the perfect tool to help you reach your ideal fitness goals, and now they’re developed as waterproof products too. All data from smart watches can be uploaded to services like Strava where you can analyse your performance and keep track of your training.


Try the Fitbit Flex 2 

This sleek fitness tracker has a reliably long battery life of up five days, LED light alerts, and is protected up to 50 metres underwater. This device is a great place to start if you’re looking to monitor your swim and reach your goals. The Fitbit Flex 2 will track your swimming strokes, as well as the duration of your swim, the distance and the pace, and all at an affordable price.


Waterproof accessories will help you reach your fitness goals in a short space of time. Add them to your training routine and you’ll start to notice the difference in your performance. For more ideas on getting swim ready, discover all of our high-quality products online at Simply Swim.