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The Fastest Water Slides In The World

Do you live life in the fast lane? Do you love water parks? Then why not combine the two? It's time for you to tackle the fastest waterslides in the world. Hold on to your trunks its going to be a fast ride.  

Insano, Brazil

Why is this slide called the Insano you may ask. It’s because you hurtle down a 135 foot flume and it's over in a matter of seconds. The flume is as tall as a 14 story building and when you drop you can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. It's no surprise that the Insano's website says “you are about to live through one of the most extreme experiences of your life”. Now that’s a pretty bold statement.  


Jumeirah Sceirah, Dubai

This slide is perfect for your competitive side. The Jumeirah Sceirah has two tandem flumes which start on top of a 32 metre high tower. Once you and your racing buddy are at the top of the slide the capsules close and the count down begins. Before you know it the floor opens up beneath you and you're dropped down a 120 metre long side. Before you know it you're at the bottom of the slide with a massive rush of excitement. At peak you're sliding down at 49 miles per hour. Try to beat the rush though because this slide is very popular and it often has a queue time of 45 minutes. Finally, the great thing about this slide is that guests are welcome to use their GoPros… in fact it's encouraged!  


X-treme Faser, Germany

It only seems right that a slide from our scariest waterslides video would cross over to the fastest waterslides in the world. It's no surprise that this slide has been labelled 'only for the brave'. You drop down a 220 foot long flume and can reach over speeds of 45 miles per hour! At the start of the slide you're in darkness and because you're going so fast you can barely tell which way is up! The ride is so fast that sadly the ride is only for men, this is due to the fact six women were injured by the intense speed, drops and use of water. But that doesn’t mean men get off scot free so be careful when deciding if you want to ride the Faser.  


Twister & Speedy, Austria

If you suffer from dizziness you might want to give this one a miss. Both slides twist around the watch tower platform leaving your head spinning at the bottom. Of course the Speedy is the faster of the two but the Twister is one of the longest flumes in the world at over 660 feet in length. Both slides look insane from the outside as they twist around, and whether you ride the Twister or the Speedy, spinning around at high speeds will leave your head doing a few loops!  


The Scorpions Tail, Wisconsin

At over ten stories high with a 400 foot drop you can see why this is one of the fastest water slides in the world. This slide is the world's first near-vertical drop flume with a loop in the middle of it. At one point of the loop you are pretty close to hitting 3Gs which has even impressed the guys and girls over at NASA. But don't worry, the flume has optical sensors to help track the rider so safety is on-point with this ride. The ride only lasts between nine and fourteen seconds depending on speed and you fall at 50 feet per second. Now that’s pretty fast.     Have you taken the plunge on any of these slides and survived? Or are there any you think we have missed out?