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The Many Benefits of Swimming

Apart from the smell of chlorine and the “getting dried” in hot changing rooms afterwards, there seems to be very little in the way of downsides to swimming. Here, in no particular order, is a roll call of wonderfulness for the sport of swimming. bigstock-Female-swimmers-swimming-in-po-50346752 Swimming is great for an all-over-body fitness and gives your heart, lungs and muscles a great workout. Swimming is also an excellent way to boost endurance and, according to research, the perfect activity for improving your immune system. If you’ve injured your muscles or joints doing another form of exercise, and if you’re pregnant, then swimming is the ideal non-impact and non-weight bearing choice for continuing to stay in shape. Yes, we know, you could sit on the sofa and rest up while injured or pregnant but if you want to stay fit and healthy then swimming is highly recommended. If you’re approaching your later years in life, swimming could be your best choice of exercise – and classes, such as aqua-aerobics, are ideal for improving cardiovascular health and mobility but without the high impact of activities such as running. Swimming has a positive effect on your breathing and is therefore recommended for asthma patients. Swimming is a top choice for children, too, with classes such as Aqua Babes or Toddler Tadpoles being a great way to introduce babies to the water in a fun and calm way. Swimming can promote friendships and is definitely a fun activity, especially when you head along to a pool that has flumes, waves and rapids. Regular swimmers reveal stress-relieving benefits. When you swim you can let your mind drift and your body relax, giving much needed stress relief for busy people. Swimming can be combined with other sports, such as running and cycling, to offer great cross-training benefits. And if you enjoy all three activities, why not give the growing sport of triathlon a go? Swimming is a bridge for all generations. Because the activity is accessible to all ages it means kids, mums and grans can all go swimming together (or indeed, kids, dads and grandpas… or any other combination!)