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The Strangest Places To Swim

Swimming pools can get boring after a while. Maybe it's time for a change and to get out of your comfort zone by swimming somewhere totally different. Here's a few of our favourite unusual spots for a dip...  

The Dead Sea, Middle East

It is said that you don’t swim in the Dead Sea, you just float instead. The water has such dense salt concentration you naturally drift on the surface. It's 8 times saltier than ocean water. Another interesting thing is that the shore is the lowest point on earth, at 420 metres below sea level.  

Devils Pool

The Zambezi River ends with the Victoria Falls. If you're crazy enough, you can jump into the river where the force of the water pushes you to the edge. But don’t worry you are halted by a rock lip, which stops you plummeting 100m below.  

Pig Beach, Bahamas

When you think of swimming in the Bahamas, you think of cloudless skies over tropical blue waters…and pigs. In Big Major Cay you can actually swim with pigs. The friendly creatures claimed this uninhabited island and they love to swim.  

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Have you ever wanted to swim with jellyfish? Of course not, they are terrifying. But in Palau you can do exactly that. But don’t worry these jellyfish are harmless. They have practically lost their ability to sting so it is completely safe. But it is still incredibly weird as these creatures glide over your skin.  

Starkenberger Beer Resort, Austria

Would you ever want to swim in a pool of your favourite beer? There is a brewery in an Austrian castle where you can do just this. You can immerse yourself in a 13 foot pool filled with warm beer. The brewery have claimed that bathing in it is great for the skin as it is rich in vitamins and calcium. But lets be honest that’s not the reason you would go there. Instead of bubble bath you have froth.  I wouldn’t drink from the bath though, you know what they say about public pools!   Which one tops your 'must-swim' list? Where's the weirdest place you have swum? Let us know in the comments.