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The Top 5 Simply Swim Posts of 2015

It's been another fantastic year for us here at Simply Swim, with great new brands on our website, the first ever Swim Club Awards and many more exciting things in the pipeline. Not only that, but we've also had a great year on our blog with many posts that were really popular with our readers. Jut in case you missed any, we've rounded up our pick of the best Simply Swim reads this year...

1. Swimming Whilst Pregnant

bigstock-Serious-Pregnnat-Woman-Thinkin-36800276 Not sure whether it's safe to swim when pregnant? This post tells you everything you need to know before you take the plunge...  

2. The First Woman To Swim the English Channel

Untitled-1 Way back in the 1920s, Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to ever complete the swim from France to Britain across the English Channel. Learn more about her story in this blog post...  

3. How To Avoid Swim Lane Rage

2008_Olympic_Modern_penthalton_-_swimming_action Make sure you keep your stress to a minimum in the pool with our top tips to avoid getting aggravated by others when you take your next dip...  

4. The Importance of Pool Training for Open Water Swimmers

IMG_4647 Are you an open water swimmer? Learn why it's a great idea to train in the pool too in this post...  

5. A Day At Kings Cross Pond

IMG_6391 This year we made a visit to the brand new natural swimming pond at Kings Cross, find out what we thought in our diary of the day...   Were these your favourite Simply Swim articles this year? Or are there any you think should be on our list?