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The Top 5 UK Water Rides

  Grab your towel as we count down five of the best water rides in the UK.  

5. Dragons Falls - Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

Take a journey through the mystic east in a faux wooden canoe, get absorbed in the atmosphere with oriental sculptures and ancient style architecture as you cascade down the first of two waterfalls you plunge into the jaws of a dragon. It was one of the park's first rides in 1987 and is still just as fun over 29 years on.  

4. Splash Battle – Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire

Now this one really is a different kind of water ride as it's the UK’s first interactive water ride. Each rider is equipped with a water gun to drench other seafarers. Keep an eye out for targets that activate features when shot. Also watch out for those landlubbers who have water cannons to soak you when you pass by.  

3. Tidal Wave - Thorpe Park, Surrey

This is a very simple but very effective water flume, you're sure to be squelching in your shoes all day after this one! The ride is based on a 1950s New England fishing town that has been struck by a massive tidal wave and is decorated with shards of debris and ruined buildings. Until 2002 it was the tallest water ride in Europe. As the boat plunges 85ft into water a huge tidal wave washes over a building and onto unsuspecting guests below.  

2. Stormforce 10 – Drayton Manor, Staffordshire

This ride is themed on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and simulates a lifeboat rescue. This ride has three drops, each taller than the next, this includes a backwards drop into stormy waters. It's a great tribute to the charity, which has saved numerous lives and is also the world’s first charitable ride. For every photograph sold a donation is made to the RNLI which has raised over £66, 000, this has allowed them to buy a lifeboat called Drayton Manor. Not only is it for a charitable cause but it's also great fun and you're sure to get soaked!  

1. Valhalla – Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Lancashire

There's a reason why this is our number one; it was awarded the best water ride in the world by the Golden Ticket Awards in 2015. The Valhalla is one of the most expensive water rides ever built, costing a staggering £15 million in June 2000. This is the equivalent to more than £22 million in today’s money, but it's worth every penny. Themed on Norse mythology you journey through fire, snow and ice, incredible special effects and thousands of gallons of water. It's the longest indoor dark ride in the world with a length of 2000ft lasting six whole minutes and also has a heart pounding drop of 60ft.

  Have you been on any of these rides? Did we miss a great one off our list? Let us know in the comments below.