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The World’s Best Water Parks - Wet n Wild Orlando

Wet n Wild Waterpark   The office was having an open discussion about which we think are the coolest water parks in the world. We then thought it might be a good idea to write about each of our chosen parks. The first in this blog series is Orlando's Wet N Wild Park, Families who want to keep cool while visiting the sunny state of Florida should pay a visit to Wet n Wild Orlando. The park originally opened back in 1977, making it the oldest water park in the whole of the USA. Rides and attractions are constantly being added to Wet n Wild Orlando and the water park has won a number of prestigious awards for excellence. There are more than a dozen different thrilling rides to choose from here, which keep families coming back for more time and time again. The whole family is sure to find plenty of attractions at Wet n Wild Orlando to amuse and entertain them. The impressive seven-storey water slide is bound to appeal to thrill seekers, while taking the Lazy River tube ride all around the park is a great way to unwind and cool down. There is also a large children’s area where children of all ages will find an enormous sandpit for them to make sandcastles in as well as a whole host of different kinds of toys to play with. Those who simply want to spend a little time splashing around will find an assortment of wave pools to choose from, while the water tubes come in all shapes and sizes and range from the heart stopping to gentler tubes for young children to enjoy. One of the great things about Wet n Wild Orlando is that it features a large number of multi-person rides. This means that all the family can share the fun together and create memories that they will never forget. This is also ideal for young children who need the encouragement of their family to really let go and have fun. Disco H2O is one of the most recent additions to Wet n Wild Orlando and is already proving to be a big hit. Groups of up to four people are invited to climb inside cover-shaped rafts and embark on a wild water ride while listening to some of the best sounds from the 70s. Visitors will also discover that Wet n Wild Orlando boasts an impressive variety of amenities such as lockers, swim suit hire and snack stands. All this and much more combines to make Wet n Wild Orlando one of the best water parks in the world and an attraction that should not be missed by families who are planning a trip to the state of Florida.