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Too Sick To Swim?

Feeling under the weather? Not sure whether to swim? Let's dive deeper…

For anyone that thrives on an active lifestyle, you will know the inner conflict of wanting to exercise but knowing it's time to take a break, rest and recover. As swim enthusiasts, we understand the temptation of hopping into the pool in hopes that a bath in the finest chlorinated water will offer some relief.

Your cold will likely be infectious and can be easily passed on to your fellow swimmers. It's worth noting that germs thrive in warm, damp environments and although many germs are killed off in chlorinated water, they will reproduce faster in the humid climate of your local pool. So on top of feeling under the weather, you could be sharing your ailment with those around you.

Swimming whilst ill comes with its own risks to your health, as your body is already fighting your current illness, exercise could make you weaker and more susceptible to further infection. Particularly if you have more than just the common cold, such as symptoms of fever, muscle aches or a stomach bug. 

The most common recreational water illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are Diarrhea, Skin Rashes, Ear Pain, Cough or Congestion. These are easily spread through water contact, ingestion, or inhalation of the water mists with Diarrhea the most commonly spread so please bear in mind if you happen to suffer from Diarrhea then it's paramount that you do not swim until 48 hours after your symptoms subside as to not infect others.

So whilst you may think that a quick dip will not have a huge impact on how you’re feeling, it will likely hinder your recovery time and could actually worsen your symptoms for the sake of a third-rate session. Promote your own recovery by staying home until the symptoms subside. That way you will be back to the pool in no time!

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