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Top 10 Adult Swimming Goggles


As you are no doubt aware there are many different swimming goggles on the market, so finding the best swimming goggles for you can be a mine field. To help you out we have scoured our shelves and compiled our list of the best swimming goggles for 2018.


Halocline Comfort Plus Goggle

The Comfort Plus from Halocline are designed with comfort in mind with their flexible frame and soft gaskets. The easily adjustable strap gives you the perfect fit and the anti-fog treated lens offers superb vision during your swim.

These goggles are also latex and PVC free, UV protected, feature polycarbonate lens and also have a high temperature tolerance.


Swans SRX Mirror Goggle 

The SRX Mirror Goggles are FINA approved and offer the ultimate combination of performance and comfort due to their slimline gaskets and low profile design. These goggles feature a wide peripheral vision which allow incredible clarity, and to top it off you can change the nose bridges for a perfect fit.

The mirror lens reduces glare in the water, they have a premium anti fog coating and UV protection, and lastly the lenses are extra strong for durability.


Vorgee Stealth MK2 Mirror Goggle 

The MK2 are a lightweight, low resistance racing goggle. This soft goggle is a crossover of a high performance racing goggle and a comfort training goggle with increased vision, one of the many reasons we think it is one of our best swimming goggles.

It also features a 3D seal design, curved lens, high-grade silicone, anti fog coating and is of course UVA and UVB protected.


Speedo Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Goggle 

If you’re looking for a goggle with exceptional comfort then the Future Biofuse Flexiseal is a must! The flexible seal offers more cushioning around the eyes and it adapts to the contours of the face for an individual fit, the wide vision lens gives enhanced peripheral vision and they come with anti-fog coated lens as standard.


Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Goggle

The Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Goggles are a FINA approved set of racing goggles that feature extra wide vision, hydrodynamic design, interchangeable nose bridge making the perfect for competing.

They of course have anti fog, are UV protected, use a dual strap for a more comfortable fit and the mirrored lens reduce glare in the water.


Zoggs Polarized Predator Ultra Goggle 

These goggles are made for racing with their lightweight frame and contoured gaskets for incredible comfort and a perfect fit. The curved lens provides 180-degree peripheral vision whilst reducing glare and reflections. The new pulley adjust system also provides even pressure for an incredibly comfortable fit.

They of course are FINA approved, have anti fog treatment, offer UV protection and working with the pulley system the head strap is double banded.


View Blade Orca Mirror Goggle 

The Blade Orca from View is an ideal goggle for racing. They reduce drag and resistance with their uniquely shaped lenses; which also provide improved water flow. The nose bridges are interchangeable, the split head strap offers quick and easy adjustment and they are FINA approved. (If you want the best swimming goggles on the market then FINA approved ones are always a great option.)

The mirror lens reduces glare in the water, they have anti fog treatment and are UV protected.


Aqua Sphere Seal 2 Goggle

The new Seal 2 is a fantastic swim mask that gives an excellent fit and seal which will prevent water leaking and the smooth silicone is comfortable to wear during your swim. The goggle offers 180 degree vision and the low profile design won’t interfere with your speed in the water and of course these goggles are anti and UV protected.


Speedo AquaPure Mirror Female Goggle

The Speedo AquaPure Mirror Goggles have been specifically designed for female faces, and working with the IQfit technology and 3D seal gives the wearer a secure, leak free fit with superior comfort. Also because it’s mirrored you know the goggle is going to reduce glare in the water. They have an interchangeable nose bridge and are UV and anti fog protected.


Zoggs Predator Goggle

If you’re looking for a goggle that offers incredible comfort and high performance then the Predator Goggles from Zoggs will be perfect for you. The curved lens offer 180 degree peripheral vision in the water with crystal clear clarity meaning you can get the best out of your pool time.

They also feature a durable wiro frame, are FINA approved, have a double band pulley giving you a more comfortable fit and as standard are UV treated.


And there we have it our best swimming goggles for 2018. Do you own a pair of any that we listed? What other goggles would you add to the list? We’d love to know so why not leave us a comment. You can shop our full range of adult goggles here. Or if you're looking for something for the little ones our children's goggles can be found here.