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Top 5 Best Natural Pools in the World

Welcome to Simply Swim's top five best natural swimming pools in the world. Perhaps you are thinking of booking a holiday or dreaming of warmer climates? We take a look at the top 5 natural pools in the world and perhaps provide some inspiration to incorporate one of the pools in your plans....Let's get swimming, shall we?


Number Five: First up, we have Giola Natural Pool in Greece. The pool is 10 metres high and wide, and it's around about four metres deep. The pool water comes from crashing waves from the sea, ensuring that it's fresh all year round. It's also claimed that it's the most natural pool in the whole of Greece, and is perfect for all types of swimming. Finally, the beautiful, vivid colours of the water really make this pool stand out.



Number Four: Located in Turkey, we have the Pamukkale Thermal Pools, which translates into 'cotton castles'. The thermal pools themselves are 2,700 metres long. They can even be seen in the opposite valley, which is 12 miles away. The 17 pools are a world heritage site, which means footwear is prohibited to protect the deposits.

pummukale pool, turkey


Number Three: Next up, we have the Ik Kil Cenote in Mexico. The Cenote is a very popular stop for tourists. It's roughly 60 metres wide and 35 metres deep. Black catfish also live in the water, but not to worry, they don't bite! It's also the home of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition which they've been holding since 2010.


Number Two: Havasu Falls is the most famous and the most visited falls in the whole of the Havana Creek in the U.S.A. The large chute falls 30 feet from a vertical, I repeat, vertical drop into a large pool. The pools themselves have a really vivid, fluid green colour due to the high levels of calcium carbonates in the water. It's a great place to visit and explore even if you aren't swimming, and on the opposite side of the pools there are picnic tables, so it's great for a whole family day out, swimmers and non-swimmers.

havusu falls, mexico


Number One: And finally, we have the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon itself is natural, but it's also man-made. The pool is created by underground stream near a lava flow that the creators have tapped into. This water goes through various cycles and systems to conduct heat and to conduct electricity. And after it's gone through those processes, it's flushed out into this lagoon. The blue lagoon's temperature averages between 37 and 39 degrees! Due to the rich mineral water in the Blue Lagoon, it operates as a development and research facility, this is to help find cures for skin ailments. So there you have it, our top five! Which one of those pools is your favourite? Have you swam in any? Are you tempted?