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Top 5 Breathtaking Pools Around The World

First off we have Marina Bay in Singapore. This infinity pool looks out over the huge bustling city and gives the illusion that you could fall down the 650-foot drop. The pool also creates the feeling that you're floating in the city, whilst giving you amazing panoramic views. The pool is on the 57th floor and it's 3 times the size of an Olympic-size swimming pool. At 650 feet high it is the largest outside pool in the world at that height. If you have a fear of heights this might not be one for you! The 30-metre long pool at the Holiday Inn in Shanghai truly is a pool with a view. The 24 storey pool dangles over Shanghai. You can even look through a pane of toughened glass at the massive drop below. Fortunately though, those people that suffer from vertigo don't need to worry, the majority of the pool is inside. Next stop we have the Icebergs in Sydney, these have been around for over 100 years. This is a 30-metre length Olympic sized swimming pool that looks deadly. Waves crash over and invade into the pool threatening to drag you into the sea. But don't worry, it's got plenty of lifeguards and is very safe. It also has a 1600ft sun deck as well as a bar and other essential pool facilities. Now we have the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile. It's the biggest swimming pool in the world. It is 1013 metres long and has 250 million litres worth of water. It's equivalent to 20, yes 20, Olympic-sized swimming pools. The water is pumped from the Pacific Ocean and then is filtered and treated. The pool is heated up to 26 degrees and has an intense turquoise colour. Not only that but you can relax in the semi-circular artificial beaches. You can even sail or paddle in this 20-acre expanse! And finally, we're heading off to Viva Las Vegas! Here we have the pool at the Golden Nugget. At the centre of the pool there's a glass tank that has over 300 animals. You can swim through a three storey water slide inside the tank as you watch sharks glide over your head. Not only that, there are beautiful water slides that cascade into the pool. Or you can chill in your own private cabana, whatever floats your boat. So that's just some of the few breathtaking pools around the world, have you been to any those? We'd love to hear about them. And if you think we've missed any out just comment below.