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Top Five Craziest Water Parks

  There are many weird and wonderful waterparks in the world. This includes places where you can feed alligators or even slide out of a Boeing 747 aircraft. Today we will be looking at five of the most craziest water parks. Lets dive in...  

World Water Park – West Edmonton Mall, Canada

When people think of malls what comes to mind is shopping and restaurants. But waterparks? Canada’s West Edmonton Mall is home to the second largest water park in the world. The park features looping waterslides and simulated surfing. It also has one of the largest indoor wave pools in the world.  

Legoland Water Park – California

You can make anything out of these colourful little bricks including, so it seems, a waterpark! The 'Build a Raft River' ride is just how it sounds; you can build your own LEGO raft! Or you can even create your own boat to race your friends on Eglor’s Built a Boat. There is even a DUPLO Splash Safari for the very little ones. Aside from these highlights, there are plenty of other slides and rides to delight and thrill you all day.  

Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark - Oregon, USA

The great thing about this waterpark is that you have fun while learning. This educational water park teaches the effects of water on society through fun games. The one thing you won't want to miss is the Boeing 747 on the roof that you can slide out of. There are also twelve slides suitable from young children all the way to thrill seekers.  

Suoi Tien Park – Vietnam

This is the world’s only Buddhist themed amusement park, complete with numerous statues of Buddha and amazing architecture. There are also huge figures of dragons around this massive 100-hectare park. Unlike many parks they have a petting zoo, but this isn't just any petting zoo, Suoi Tien has alligator fishing! In fact you can even cycle above the snapping jaws of these reptiles. And there's even an incredibly large pool lorded over by a looming bearded figure.  

Happy Magic Water Cube – Beijing, China

It was formally used for the Beijing 2008 Olympics but has since been repurposed into one of the largest water parks in Asia. It's China's second most visited tourist location just behind the Great Wall. The park is complete with numerous slides, wave pools, floating jellyfish and live shows, and is so advanced that the temperature adjusts to the change of the seasons.     These are just five of some of the most weirdly wonderful water parks you can visit. Did we miss an unusual water park off our list? Let us know in the comments.