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Which Triathlon Wetsuit Is Best For 2018?


Are you gearing up for a new triathlon season? Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced triathlete, we've got all the gear you need to dive into your swim with confidence either online or in-store at our retail outlet here in Faversham Kent.


When it comes to the swimming element of the triathlon, one size does not fit all, which is why our 2018 range is our biggest to date and caters for all types of swimmer.


To point you in the right direction when shopping for a wetsuit this Spring Summer we believe that establishing what type of triathlon swimmer you are can help in choosing your first or next suit. As swimming is still the weakest discipline of many triathletes, each type of swimmer is looking for different key features to deliver the benefits they need. Below we have broken down the different types of triathlon swimmer and our top wetsuit picks for each category.




The Progressive/Entry Swimmer

Someone that maybe has just started in triathlon, swimmers who do not feel entirely comfortable in the water and are looking for a wetsuit that will correct poor technique.


While flexibility is important, the determining factor at this level is normally extra buoyancy as this will make for a more stable position in the water, which considerably helps improve overall performance.


The Orca S6 or the Zone3 Vision are ideal for this as the Orca S6's 5mm neoprene on the hips and legs helps your lower body stay on the surface and the Zone3 Vision's 5mm buoyancy panels on the torso and front leg improve swim position and give core support.



Orca S6 Men's & Women's  |  Zone3 Vision Men's & Women's   






The Total/Intermediate Swimmer

Someone that still needs a bit of help with buoyancy but demands more flexibility.


These wetsuits offer a performance-boosting combination of maximum flexibility in the upper body area, and maximum float-ability in the lower trunk.


Swimmers in this category have few shortcomings in the upper body area so will benefit from having more flexibility and a little extra buoyancy will help to raise the leg position giving a more effective horizontal position.


Our top choices for this level of triathlete would be the Zone3 Aspire or the Orca Sonar. The Aspire wetsuit features excellent shoulder flexibility for an easier swim and has constructed buoyancy for a more streamlined shape in the water. The Sonar has buoyancy in the lower body to help you keep the best position in the water and flexibility in the upper body for fantastic movement in the arms and torso.



Zone3 Aspire Men's & Women's  |  Orca Sonar Men's & Women's 






The Natural/Advanced Swimmer

Someone that has an efficient technique that can maintain a good horizontal and elevated position in the water. Due to their effective positioning, they need no added extra buoyancy and will benefit most from extra flexibility and features that speed them up.


For this type of swimmer we would recommend either the Blueseventy Reaction or the Orca Equip as the SCS coating technology used on these suits will reduce friction ensuring faster speeds and less energy consumption.



Blueseventy Reaction Men's & Women's  |  Orca Equip Men's & Women's 





You can shop our full range of triathlon wetsuits for 2018 here on our website