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Triswim - Hair & Skin Care for Swimmers

Do you swim regularly? Then the Triswim range of hair and skincare could be just what you're looking for. Frequent time spent in the pool or the open water (or both!) can be damaging to your hair and skin. The chlorine and salt water can make your hair dry and damaged and your skin dry and itchy.




These conditions require skin and hair care that will repair and soothe these problems, and this new Triswim range of toiletries are perfectly designed to combat post-swim dryness!


Hair Care


The shampoo removes and neutralises chlorine, bromine, salt water and chemical odour from your hair. It also contains aloe which provides moisturising, soothing and calming properties, and Vitamin A and Pro Vitamin B5 for added moisture.


The conditioner is then a great follow up to use as it hydrates and conditions to improve dry and damaged hair without a heavy build of product left afterwards. It uses keratin, protein and mega nutrients to really pack a punch in caring for your hair.


Body Care


Then for your body there are another two great products. Start off by showering with the body wash which contains aloe, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to heal and soothe dry skin. It's perfect for dry and itchy skin caused by frequent exposure to chlorine, salt and the sun.


Finally you can put that moisture back into your skin with the Triswim lotion. Again, this contains those healthy vitamins and aloe to really soothe your skin and repair it from frequent swims. It also neutralises chlorine, bromine and salt water odour.


We stock Triswim products in both the large and small sizes, so whether you are using them at home or need travel sizes for an on the go fix, we've got you covered!