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Why Should Children Wear Swimming Goggles?

Our eyes are an incredible and precious part of our body, as they enable us to visualise the wonderful world around us. So, when it comes to taking your kids to the pool to practice their swimming skills, you should protect their eyes for the future with a decent pair of goggles. Here’s a look at why this is the case.

Protection from chlorine and debris

All public swimming pools contain specific levels of chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria. When exposed to the eyes, this can cause irritation for some children. Goggles will help to avoid sore, itchy and red eyes as well as any discomfort during each swimming session. In addition, it’s not easy to tell what else is lurking in the water that could result in damage. For example, water debris such as plasters or grit may enter the water and potentially make contact with the eye. Again, in this instance goggles can prevent debris from causing infection or irritation to your children’s eyes.

Medical reasons

In some cases your child may have to wear goggles due to a medical condition as opposed to solely for protection. Prescription goggles are a perfect example of where this can apply. These will help your child to see clearly and swim safely whilst in the water and also protect the eyes just like other designs. If your child has sensitive eyes or they suffer from a medical condition, always ensure they have their goggles on comfortably and securely before entering the water.

Learning without goggles

Although we advocate children wearing swimming goggles, it’s also worth getting them to practice without them on a few occasions. Swimming goggles will make your child feel comfortable when learning to swim, however if they accidently fall into the water, it’s unlikely that they will be wearing them. In a situation like this it’s best for your child not to panic - something which they may do if they are not used to swimming without their goggles. Practicing without them will make your children even more confident in the water and could save them if they ever run into danger.

Finding the right pair

To find the most suitable pair of goggles for your children, seek advice from a professional swimming specialist store. At Simply Swim, we offer an extensive range of children’s swimming goggles and can assist you with any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information. Remember - sight is important, so make sure your children are protected by using a decent pair of swimming goggles. Image credit Child wearing goggles image from Bigstock.