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Why Swimming is Good for You

We all know that swimming is great exercise for us and beneficial for our health, but why? Here we have 12 reasons why swimming is good for you… 1. Swimming is a sport that you can do at any age and any ability, it’s a lifetime sport. You will stay virtually injury free as there is hardly any impact on the joints at all. 2. Swimming can be done at a low intensity and so can bring great benefits by stimulating your cardiovascular system (your heart and lungs). Being a low intensity sport it’s known for its calorie burning ability. You can burn 3 calories a mile per pound of your bodyweight so if you weigh 150lbs (about 10.5st) and swim at a leisurely pace you will be burning roughly 6 calories a minute – double the calories burned by a runner running at a 12 minute mile pace! 3. By visiting your local beach and braving the cold sea, swimming is totally free! If you’re not close to the coast then a trip to your local pool doesn’t cost too much and if you’re a gym member then it’s usually included in your membership. 4. If you don’t like spending time exercising because you get hot and bothered and all sweaty then swimming is the answer. The water around you helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool. Just because you stay cool don’t forget to stay hydrated and keep a drink close to hand! 5. Swimming uses most of the muscles in the body and so can tone all over your body. This improves your mobility and physique; just don’t forget to cool down after. 6. If you have recently suffered with an injury or just had an operation then swimming is a great rehab exercise as the gravity conditions allow you to do more movements whilst putting less weight on your joints. 7. Being able to swim can open a whole range of other sporting opportunities, such as scuba diving, surfing or sailing. Some jobs require that you are able to swim so it really can benefit every aspect of your life. 8. Swimming can be such a social event! You can go with friends/family for some support or when the pool is busy, you are sure to meet new people. 9. Feeling stressed? Then swimming is great for winding down. You can go straight from work and have some time for your self. Relaxation and recovery from stressful activities is essential for a well balanced lifestyle. 10. You can bring out your competitive edge by participating in adult competitions (masters) or small races between friends. 11. Water can be look beautiful but be dangerous and if you know how to swim you have the ability to survive when non-swimmers may not. 12. A lot of us aren’t particularly confident in ourselves but swimming can be a fantastic self esteem boost! When combining the de-stress nature of the sport, muscle toning and losing some weight you are sure to feel so much better! When you feel fit and healthy you have a more positive approach to life.