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Why you should keep on swimming...

Are you like so many people who see swimming as a summertime activity? Swimming in an outdoor pool or in the sea while on a warm weather holiday makes so much sense, doesn’t it? The water is a great way to cool down after a spell in the sun – and swimming while on holiday just doesn’t seem like exercise. For other people, summertime swimming also includes going to the local indoor pool. When the weather has been warm during the day, it just seems so natural to head to a pool and enjoy some cooling lengths. Coming out of the pool afterwards with wet hair isn’t so bad when the air temperature is high enough to start drying your locks. But then comes autumn and winter, with their lower temperatures – and so many people decide that they can’t face – or don’t fancy – swimming. All that getting out of the pool, and feeling damp and cold just puts people off even more. But perhaps you should think again. Swimming is actually one of the few sports that isn’t weather dependent. Whether it is raining, snowing or windy outdoors, the indoor pool will be the same as when you last went. Four other reasons to keep on swimming through the chillier seasons: All round toner: There are few workouts that give you an all-round body workout. But swimming is great for tightening the core, sculpting the back, toning arms and legs and butt… need we go on?! Low on impact: You might be recovering from an injury or simply looking for a sport that doesn’t pound your joints. If so, swimming is one of the best low-impact, high on cardio and toning exercises there is. Cross-training:  Mix swimming with your others sports for great “recovery day” benefits. A swimming workout will actually improve overall performance in other sports because it builds strength and improves your cardio fitness but in a different way to, say, running and cycling. Empty pools: The cold weather will see many more people packing in their pool time (for all the reasons we suggested in the introduction). So this means that the pool lanes will be empty – and there will be more space for you to swim your thing! Look great in spring: And come spring, when you might want to head to the beach in your bikini again, your swimmer’s body will be looking trim and toned. Swimming has great advantages as a sport!