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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Women’s Swimming Costume

With the expansive choice of women’s swimwear out there, it can be difficult to decide what is best for you. Whether you are looking for a design that is based solely around practicality, or your goal is to find a suit that focuses on comfort or style, we have you covered. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to consider when choosing the right outfit to go swimming.

Selecting The Right Material

No one will know more than you as to which fabric you find to be the most comfortable and reliable in the water. If you are a regular swimmer and are looking to get some real mileage out of your costume, be aware that frequent exposure to chlorine can cause your material to become faded and misshaped. Thankfully, this does not have to be an issue. Some of our most senior manufacturers have released a series of designs made from enhanced elastane to improve chlorine resistance, shape retention, fast drying and high UV protection when you’re out in the sun. For more information about these products, click here.

Back Types

Whether you’re heading down to your local swimming centre with the kids, taking part in your weekly Aquacise scheme or training for an upcoming tournament, finding a costume with the right back type can be a tricky affair. Selecting an outfit with the best back type for you can help with streamlining, easy movement, levels of comfort and improved form when you’re in the water. Take a look at our swimsuit back types here.
In addition to looking at the material and back type, you will need to consider the purpose of the product.


It’s no secret that swimming during pregnancy is great for both mum and baby, allowing you to get a good amount of exercise without putting too much strain on your body. If you’re a mum-to-be then you’ll be looking for swimwear which is comfortable and adaptable, whilst still looking fashionable. For some top tips and advice in locating the best maternity outfit for you, check out our video.

Competition Swimming

If you are a competitive swimmer then high performance is essential. You will need to look out for lightweight fabric to stay one step ahead of the competition. The best designs are tailored for easy breathability and body shaping as well as optimum movement, muscle compression and oscillation in the lanes. Watch the clip below to discover how the different competitive swimming costumes can improve your performance in the water. Swimwear comes in three principle styles: one pieces (swimsuits), or two pieces such as tankinis and bikinis. So which is right for you?


Every woman wants to feel and look great in the water, whether you’re just out for a leisurely swim, preparing for your summer holiday or are in training. Swimsuits come in a variety of designs for all swimmers, with shapes to suit and flatter all body shapes. Feel confident and capitalise on endurance in the pool. For assistance in selecting the right swimsuit for you, check out our recent help video below.

Tankinis & Two-Pieces

If a one-piece costume isn’t for you, opt for something that provides a little bit more exposure to the sun.  Two-piece costumes won’t just perform well in the water but also serve as a great choice of beach wear too. Alternatively, if you would prefer to not expose your midriff at the beach then a Tankini might suit you better. See the following video for more information and assistance in choosing the right outfit for you. Here at Simply Swim, we have an extensive range of women’s bathing suits for you to choose from, all by top tier brands including Speedo, Maru and Zoggs. Every single name we have in stock is renowned for producing high quality, extra durable and fashionable items. No matter your choice you can stay confident that you and your swimsuit can go the distance with style. Image credit Swim image from Bigstock.