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Swimming goggles are an essential piece of your swim kit if you don’t want sore, streaming eyes after a trip to the swimming pool and we have a fantastic selection for adults and children, whether you are a competitive swimmer who swims at the highest level, or an occasional swimmer who just likes to fool around in the water. Our extensive range of goggles from the likes of Speedo, Aqua Sphere, Arena and Zoggs include styles with one piece frames or adjustable nose bridges, quick adjust straps and clear, coloured, tinted or mirrored lenses for varying light conditions.

Our huge range of adult goggles will definitely have something to suit you. For competing, have a look at the racing goggles which come in low profile designs to give a secure, hydrodynamic shape and are designed to reduce water drag and friction, which will aid your speed and performance.

For fitness and leisure swimmers, we have comfortable fitting goggles that feature anti fog technology to keep your lenses clear and technology like Speedo Biofuse and Arena Liquid Silicone for cushioned comfort and a flexible fit.

Some people find that traditional style swimming goggles can be tight and uncomfortable around their eyes, if this is you try one of our Mask style goggles. These goggles have their design based on a scuba diving mask and will give you increased range of vision and can be more comfortable on the face than a traditional style swimming goggle. They also give an excellent seal to prevent water leaking into the lenses. Masks are great for water sports and triathlon, as well as indoor swimming.

For swimmers who wear glasses out of the water, our prescription goggles are a great idea, allowing you to choose optical lenses in varying strengths so that you will be able to see exactly where you are going in the pool!

And let’s not forget the kids who absolutely love the swimming pool and can spend hours in the water, so their eyes will need protection from the chlorine. We have fantastic ranges of junior (6 to 14 years) and infant goggles (2 to 6 years) with bright multi colours and character motifs. These children’s goggles give a soft and secure fit and are great for holidays as well as swimming lessons, offering UV protection and anti fog.