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Make your own anti fog goggles

Swimming goggles are one of the most important parts of your swimming kit, second to your swimming costume or trunks! They protect your eyes from damage and of course allow you to see where you’re going underwater.


One of our pet hates are goggles that fog up! Most goggles you buy today have a coating already on to prevent fogging but often the coating doesn’t last quite as long as the goggles. The anti-fog coating can be easily wiped off without even thinking and before you know it you have a pair of goggles that have fogged up by the time you’re at the other end of the pool!


One of the easiest solutions is to get yourself an anti-fog spray or liquid as you can keep it in your bag and re-coat when necessary. Just ensure when buying the anti-fog treatment that it is designed specifically for swimming goggles. For example, the Arena Instant Anti-Fog or Tyr Anti-Fog Spray will easily do the trick.




Fancy making your own anti-fog goggles at home? Why not give these ideas a go:


  • Toothpaste – a tiny dot of toothpaste on the inside of your goggle can prevent fogging. Just dot, wipe and buff with a towel.
  • Shaving cream – A small drop of shaving cream, wiped and then buffed with a towel can prevent fogging.
  • Saliva – a cost free solution! Lick or spit on the inside of your goggle lens, rub around and then rinse for a temporary solution.
  • Baby shampoo – apply a small drop of baby shampoo to the inside of your swimming goggles, wiped around the lens and then buffed keeps clear vision.


    Try these things out and find out what works best for you.


    Got your own anti-fog treatment? Let us know in the comments box below.