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The surprising benefits swimming has on your mind

Did you know that one in 4 people suffer from a mental health issue every year? A great way to combat the issue is with exercise. Adding exercise to your weekly routine can benefit most aspects of your life now and in the future. We uncover why swimming, in particular, will provide health benefits that will make you want to start straight away.



We all know that exercise is a fantastic way to help manage our weight, but the benefits don’t just stop there.

    • Exercise is great to help maintain strong muscles and bones
    • It can reduce levels of fatigue
    • It improves the health of your skin
    • Makes you feel happier
    • Helps you relax and calms your mind

Exercise doesn’t just improve your health right now, if you keep it up, you’ll be reaping the benefits for years to come. You can lower your chances of an early death by up to 30%. Exercise can also greatly reduce your risk of getting a major illness, including cancer and heart disease.


How does exercise benefit your mind?

When you exercise, changes in your brain occur that affect your levels of stress and anxiety. Your body produces endorphins (a group of hormones) that react with receptors in your brain that help minimise discomfort and produce a feeling of happiness through your body. Because a healthy body equals a healthy mind, right?


What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming is the ultimate exercise to improve the way you think and feel. In a recent study by Swim England, they found that swimming has astonishing benefits on your mental health. With 1.4 million adults (in the UK) seeing positive results on their anxiety or depression as a result of swimming.

When it came to their mental state after swimming, the research found that swimming made 43% feel happier; 26% felt more motivated, and it helped 15% cope better with everyday life.



But, what’s so special about swimming?

Swimming is unique because it’s so accessible to anyone and everyone. The buoyancy of water makes it easy for individuals to get started, even if you have restricted movement. It’s also a cost-effective solution to expensive gyms and therapy; most local pools offer memberships, and outdoor swimming is completely free. Browse online to find your nearest outdoor lido or why not take a weekend day trip to the coast?


How often should you go swimming to feel the benefits?

According to the NHS, you should aim for 150 minutes of physical activity (which is the process of performing exercise that moves your body, uses energy and gets your heart rate going, such as walking or swimming) in a week. This time should be spread out throughout the week, with physical activities planned every day.

To make it a habit that’s easier to stick to, you can start by alternating your swim workouts. Try going at different times of the day and going alone or with friends to keep your exercises interesting and motivational. You can write your scheduled classes down in a diary or on your phone so that you don’t forget. And if you’re feeling brave enough, try adding an outdoor swim to your routine.

Take a look to see how you can get started at your local community pool. Most local pools have a variety of classes available to swimmers of different ages, genders and levels, so you can find the right one to suit you.


Now you’re inspired to get started, it’s time to make sure your outfit complements your motivation. Discover our latest collections online today and read our blog post on our favourite picks for unique swimsuits to inspire your swim workout here