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Top 10 Open Water Swimming Essentials

If you’re curious about the world of Open Water Swimming and want to dive into something a little different then we have lots of products to help make your experience more comfortable, enjoyable and safe!

The great thing about open water swimming is that you’re not limited to finding pools in your area, you can literally swim anywhere from lakes, rivers or the sea. As long as you’re safe and have the necessary gear, you’ll soon be diving into new locations whatever the weather.




Aqua Sphere Open Water Mask

A decent pair of open water goggles are so important to get the most out of your swim. Aqua Sphere provide a great selection of Open Water Goggles which offers high performance but still at an affordable price.

Both the Kayenne Goggle and Vista Mask provide you with a vast range of options when it comes to lenses. Whether you’re looking for clear, tinted or mirrored, they have an option for you. Furthermore, their lenses are all UV protected, and treated with anti-fog and anti-scratch protection.


HUUB Aphotic Polarised Goggle

The Huub Aphotic Polarised Goggles have polarised lenses which eliminates glare caused by reflections from the water surface and enables you to see clearer and with less eye strain


View Plantina lens customised goggle

Don’t be limited by your vision. The View Platina VPS 500A Optical Goggle  is completely customisable to your needs, select lenses separately to suit each eye and attach them easily to the nose bridge and strap. Lenses are available in negative diopters (1.0 to -10.0) and positive diopters: (+1.0 to +6.0).

Once all has been easily assembled you will own a quality pair of goggles with comfortable soft eye seals and adjustable straps. Lenses are UV protected making them perfect for protecting your eyes during outdoor use and are finished off with VIEW’s Super Anti-Fog treatment to ensure you have a clear field of you.


Anti-fog Spray

The Arena Instant Anti-Fog Spray offers superior clarity for your goggles so that you can get the most out of your swim. There's no need to rinse or wait for them to dry once it is applied so you can get straight to water.





Simply Swim High Vis Silicone Cap

When you’re open water swimming it is important to stay visible! The Simply Swim Silicone Swim Cap is made from quality material, its sleek design will keep a secure fit and keep your hair drier whilst swimming. Available in three High Vis colours.


Aqua Sphere Aqua Slide Swim Cap

Want extra coverage over the ears? The Aqua Glide Swim Cap from Aqua Sphere is designed to fit over your ears and has ergonomically shaped ear pockets that will relieve pressure. Inner dimples help the cap to grip to your head, preventing it from riding up as you swim and the roomy fit makes this cap a good choice for keeping long hair out of the way as you swim.


Blueseventy Thermal Skull Cap

Made from 3mm Yamamoto neoprene, the Blueseventy Neoprene Swim Cap is the perfect choice for open water swimmers who want extra warmth and insulation when training. Delivering a comfortable fit thanks to its flexible central panel and secure chin strap.




Alliance 45L Backpack

Open Water swimming can mean a lot of gear, so you will need a decent bag to help you get everything you need to and from the water. The TYR Alliance 45L Backpack comes in a variety of colours and is made out of lightweight, durable and water-resistant fabric.

It has large front and side pockets for the majority of your gear and also includes; an expandable mesh pocket for separating wet and dry items, spring, a mesh water bottle pocket and internal protective storage for electronics

These bags by TYR are built to last and engineered to carry and protect the essential gear swimmers need to perform.

Also available with 30L capacity



Need something a little bigger? The Arena Fast Tri backpack has a huge capacity of 80 litres! Giving you enough for all the things you might need for your next triathlon. This quality backpack is made from water-repellent material and comes with 8 zip compartments to organise and stow away your gear.


Simply Swim Drybag

The Simply Swim Dry Bags are great for keeping your valuable items dry during outdoor swimming. They are the perfect companion for in your kit bag, protecting your belongings from soggy towels and swimwear.

Simply turn over the top of the bag to create a watertight seal. The long clear window allows you to easily see the contents inside and handy clip hook means you can attach to it to a bag or use it as a handle. Available in two sizes: 2L & 5L capacity.




Swimming Gloves and Socks

These HEAD Neo Gloves and Socks are the perfect for any multisport athlete. They are made of 3 mm double stretch neoprene for good thermal insulation when in cold outdoor waters. This material means they have a longer life whilst still giving you breathability and freedom of movement. The material is extremely robust with all outer seams are bonded.

These products are often in short supply due to their high quality and great value for money. Don’t Delay!


Head Swimming Safety Buoy / Tow Float

The Head Swimming Safety Buoy is a brightly coloured dry bag, combined with a tow float that will make sure you are seen in the lake or sea.

This piece of equipment is essential for keeping you safe during open water swimming. Floating alongside you as you swim, the safety buoy lets boats and other outdoor enthusiasts know where you are. Doubling up as a drybag means you no longer have to leave your gear at the water's edge. Available in 2 colours.


View Corded Ear Plugs

If you suffer from discomfort when water gets in your ears then you might benefit from getting a good pair of ear plugs, especially as open water swimming means the water can be much colder! The View 2 Way Silicone Ear Plugs provide a good seal to prevent unwanted water entering the ear, they are made from silicone making them extremely comfortable to wear. Additionally, they come with a handy strap that can be attached to your goggles, giving you the reassurance that they won’t get lost if they are knocked out.


HUUB LUUB Anti-chafe sport lubricant

This last item may not be a necessity but it definitely will make your swim sessions a lot more comfortable and care free. The Anti-chafe sports LUUB prevents chafing when wearing a wetsuit.

Huub's Sport LUUB is a roll-on balm that prevents and relieves chafed, chapped and cracked skin. It also helps to prevent hots spots and rubbing. Furthermore, it helps wetsuit to slide on and off more easily.


Are there any other things that you consider an essential when open water swimming? Let us know in the comments!