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Top 10 Open Water Swimming Essentials


If you’re curious about the world of Open Water Swimming and want to dive into something a little different and more challenging then there are products to help make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable to build your confidence in the water and improve your technique and stamina.



The great thing about open water swimming is that you’re not limited to finding pools in your area, you can literally swim anywhere from lakes, rivers or the sea. As long as you’re safe and have the necessary gear, you’ll soon be diving into new locations whatever the weather.





Swans Open Water Seven Mirrored Goggles

A decent pair of open water goggles are so important to get the most out of your swim. Swans have produced a great Open Water Goggle which offers high performance but still at an affordable price.


They have a unique seven faced mirrored lens which will give you incredible peripheral vision so that you can take in all of your surroundings and feel confident during your swim.


They also have a split silicone strap with a side clamp which makes them easy to adjust for the perfect fit. They’re FINA approved which means if you decide to tackle a triathlon in the future, you can wear these for FINA events.





Orca Neoprene Swim Cap

To ensure you’re visible in the water and to provide you warmth and protection for your ears, we recommend the Orca Neoprene Swim Cap which comes in High Vis Orange.


The smooth, thermal neoprene helps to glide through the water and it comes with a chin strap which covers the ears and ensures it stays in place during your swim. It also matches the Orca Core Openwater Wetsuit.






Zone 3 Neoprene Swimming Socks

Keeping warm in the water is the most important thing for open water swimming as the cold can really affect your body so you need to be prepared. The Zone 3 Neoprene Swimming Socks will keep your feet and legs warm and ensure minimal water entry.


The legs and feet are normally the first to cramp and suffer in cold conditions but these will help you to keep moving. They also have a durable, gripping sole which is great for when you’re walking to and from the water.






Huub Neoprene Gloves

To follow on from the importance of keeping warm, Swimming Gloves will also be invaluable to your open water experience. The Huub Neoprene Gloves will keep your hands warm by giving a secure fit using high grade neoprene.





Blueseventy Streamline Bag

Open Water swimming can mean a lot of gear, so you will need a decent bag to help you get everything you need to and from the water. The Blueseventy Streamline Bag looks great and it will help keep your wet and dry items separated.


The large main compartment has a full length zip for quick and easy access to your stuff and the bottom compartment is ventilated with a PVC lining to prevent items from the main compartment from getting wet. It has a good size 32L capacity and the raised foam padded back and shoulder straps make it comfy to wear.





Orca Safety Buoy

If you’re heading to the lake or the sea on your own then a must have accessory would be the Orca Safety Buoy. It’s basically a fully waterproof dry bag combined with a tow float and again it’s a High Vis Orange colour to make sure you are seen in the water.


It will hold your valuables safely and securely and easily inflates alongside you with a fully adjustable waist belt to let others know where you are without getting in the way.





Swimovate Poolmate 2

If you’re looking to keep track of your progress and set yourself some targets to improve your swim then the Swimovate Poolmate 2 is a great addition. It has a pedometer mode which is specifically for open water swimming. It works with all major swim strokes and uses lap counting technology for any lake, river or sea.


It counts calories, swim efficiency, distance and speed so that you can set your own targets and track your improvement for each swim. The large display makes the information easy to see whilst swimming and it’s water resistant to 50m.





Dryrobe Advance Adult Dryrobe

Open water swimming can mean a lot of waiting around and being cold before and after being in the water so we would recommend being as snug as possible to make the experience a lot more comfortable.


The Dryrobe Advance Dryrobe is a fantastic hooded waterproof and windproof changing robe which allows you to get changed inside it when you have been swimming. It will keep you warm and dry whilst waiting to get in the water and it will help you recover when you’ve finished. It dries very quickly and it’s incredibly warm with its synthetic lambswool lining.





Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Ear Plug

If you suffer from discomfort when water gets in your ears then you would benefit from getting a good pair of ear plugs, especially as open water swimming means the water can be much colder. The Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Ear Plugs have a great design which makes them comfy to wear, safe, easy to insert and remove whilst still providing a good seal in your ear.





Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm

This last item may not be a necessity but it definitely will make your swim sessions a lot more comfortable and care free. The Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm prevents chafing from head to toe when applied before putting on your kit before your swim.


It makes your swim and your recovery so much more comfortable and it’s made from plant derived ingredients for an invisible natural barrier against rubbing and skin irritation.







Are there any other things that you consider an essential when open water swimming? Let us know in the comments!